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How To Declutter Your Home For Better Mental Health


Declutter: remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place).

If you’ve ever had the urge to clean your house, but didn’t know where to start, you’re not alone. We all have clutter in our homes. It can be hard for us to figure out how to start decluttering when we have such busy lives. Perhaps you need to declutter because you’re moving house or moving back home.

In this article, I’ll share some tips for how to declutter your home so that you can focus on what is really important to you in life.

How to declutter your home

The first step to decluttering your home is to figure out what you can get rid of easily. If something is still in its original packaging and has been for a while now, you’re probably not going to use it.

Where to start when you’re decluttering your home

The first room you should declutter is the one that you think will be easiest. Completely decluttering even a space as small as a pantry or wardrobe can motivate you to continue through the rest of the house. Being able to stand back and admire the clear space you’ve made feels amazing. Even just decluttering one room per month will make your living space feel less chaotic.

Don’t let perfectionism hold you back

When it comes to decluttering your home, don’t let perfectionism hold you back. Set a specific timeline for yourself, such as “I will clean my bedroom” or “I will organize my closet by color.” You should also try breaking down your goals into tiny steps. For example, instead of “I will reorganize the pantry”, try “I want to reorganize my pantry. First, I will discard of any out of date food. Second, I will organise my canned goods. Third, I will label my spices”.

When setting goals, don’t forget there’s a difference between having an idea in mind and actually following through with it. It’s important not only to set new goals, but also to keep track of how far you’ve got each day you don’t feel discouraged. Take before and after photos of your living space so you recognise your own progress.

The KonMari method of decluttering

The KonMari method is a modern approach to decluttering your home, based on the principles of simplicity and minimalism. It was created by Japanese author Marie Kondo. The goal of this method is to create an environment that feels calm and peaceful. Ideally, a space where you feel comfortable and inspired. By doing so, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your life without distraction from clutter.

Marie Kondo’s approach to decluttering involves thanking all of her possessions that she no longer wants. She discards of her possesions with gratitudethanking them for what they’ve given to her or taught her. To decide whether or not she should keep an item, she considers whether it “sparks joy” – does it make you happy?

Having the right approach to declutter your home

You may be wondering, “How do I know the right approach to decluttering my home?”

If you’re just starting out and don’t have much experience with decluttering, it’s okay to start with the easiest room in your home. This way you can focus on that room first and get it decluttered without having to worry about cleaning trickier areas.

Declutter for your mental health

Cleaning your home is a process, not an event that happens over the course of 24 hours and then you’re done! It’s important to take breaks along the way so you don’t burn out or get frustrated with yourself or your progress. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Decluttering your house can be a good way to relieve stress. Clutter can also be a source of distraction and feelings of being overwhelmed or anxious. If you have limited time in the day, organizing will allow you to focus on the things that are really important to you. The goal of decluttering should be feeling accomplished by having made progress towards the goal of an organised home. In doing so, you’ll be able to find more peace in life and an improved mental wellbeing.


Decluttering your home can be a big challenge, but it’s also an incredibly rewarding process. Once you’ve taken the time to clear out your clutter and organize everything by category in the right place, you will feel more relaxed, relieved and ready to take on any day of the week. And this is just one small step in starting your decluttering journey! We hope these tips help guide you through the process of decluttering at home so that it feels less overwhelming.

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