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Why Is Reading Good For You?

Reading is good for the soul. It’s good for our emotional intelligence. Reading can make us more empathetic human beings. It can open our eyes to new ideas and concepts which can quite literally change our lives. Reading for a short time each day has even been suggested that it can help us live longer. Whether you prefer to read fact or fiction, reading is one of the best habits you can adopt. Specifically speaking, reading these 3 best self help books for women can help you to cope better with challenges life throws at you. It’s an easy way for academic research findings to make it’s way into the hands of the general public, too.

In this post, I’ll share what I believe are 3 of the best self-help books for women, and why.

  • Body Positive Power – Megan Crabbe
  • The Joy of Being Selfish – Michelle Elman
  • Atlas of The Heart – Brené Brown

The 3 Best Self Help Books For Women

Body Positive Power

5 Best Self Help Books For Women

I’m a long time Megan Crabbe/BodyPosiPanda fangirl. She was the person who first awakened a self love inside of me that I never knew existed. She helped me to break down each and every one of my body insecurities so I could begin to reframe them with love.

In her book, Body Positive Power, Megan speaks to all of us who have ever doubted our self-worth because of our appearance. If you have ever let the scales dictate your day, or skipped a meal because you “ate too much yesterday”, then this book is for you. Megan speaks from experience. As a teenager, Megan developed anorexia and experienced body image and diet issues through her adolescence. After finding body positivity, she says she finally “escaped the cult of thin”. Her book is about self-acceptance and self-love, with the aim of realising that you are good enough exactly as you are.

Who is the book for? – Anyone who has ever felt insecure about their body or allowed diet culture to dictate what they eat.

What will it teach me? – That the act of self-love can be achieved. You can begin to accept your body eactly how it is.

Where can I get it?Right here.

The Joy of Being Selfish

5 of the best self help books for women

This is one of those books where you can implement what you learn instantly. It really can be life-changing from day one. The Joy of Being Selfish introduced me to the concept of boundaries, and why setting them is essential for my mental wellbeing. Michelle, @michellelelman, is now my number 1 go-to for learning about boundaries in all areas of my life.

You have probably heard the term ‘boundaries’ in some capacity. I had heard about it in relation to work-life balance, and how it was important for me to put boundaries in place so I didn’t burn out. However, up until discovering Michelle, I had never considered that I’d need boundaries in other areas of my life. This book will teach you about how setting boundaries is a neccesity for healthy relationships and can protect your independence. An example of boundary setting could be communicating to family members that certain areas of your life are not up for discussion, and you’ll simply leave the room if they do not respect this. Essentially, boundaries are how we teach people to treat us.

Who is the book for? – Anyone who has ever felt taken for granted, dismissed, or been treated disrespectfully.

What will it teach me? – That boundaries can radically improve our relationships, and how we can effectively set them.

Where can I get it?Right here.

Atlas of The Heart

5 of the best self help books for women

Atlas of The Heart is one of those books that I will be forever grateful I read. I have learnt so much about my own thoughts and feelings through this book, and in turn I am now much more self-aware of my emotions. I personally recommend listening to the audiobook as Brené is such an incredible narrator.

Brené explores 87 of the human emotions and breaks them down into manageable chunks for the reader to understand. In doing so, she explains how our emotions impact on our connection with others, and how we can cultivate better relationships if we understand our emotions better.

Who is the book for? – Someone who wants to make stronger, and more meaningful relationships.

What will it teach me? – It will help you to understand your own emotions and how this knowledge can enhance your relationships.

Where can I get it?Right here.

The 3 Best Self Help Books For Women

These 3 books will help you to appreciate your body, set effective boundaries, and understand your emotions. In turn, you’ll feel more confident, assertive, and self-aware. What are your recommended reads for self development?

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