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    How to start a new habit

    And it’s not just an excuse… Have you ever had a new goal in mind and thought to yourself “I’ll start on Monday”? Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to start a new habit and why you should start on a Monday if you want to stick to it. I’ll also give you the science that backs it up. “I’ll start exercising at the gym… on Monday” “I’m going to give up smoking… on Monday” “I’ll quit caffeine… on Monday” You may think that when your brain automatically decides that you should start your new side hustle on a Monday, or start going to the gym from Monday, that…

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    How to Make Friends as an Adult

    No one ever tells you about how difficult it can be to make friends as an adult. Friendship is something you tend to take for granted during childhood. School-age friendships usually required minimal effort and were easy to maintain, especially when you spent 5 days a week together. But when you’re an adult it seems different somehow. That childhood innocence of being able to sit next to someone and ask them what their favourite colour is has gone. It now seems daunting and almost awkward having to make friends now you’re grown up. Moving to a new city, country, or even continent can make this whole process even more nerve…