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Gardening Can Make You Happier And Improve Mental Wellbeing

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only got a balcony or small yard, even sowing seeds on your kitchen windowsill can make you feel good. But what is it about gardening that is so therapeutic and beneficial for our mental health? In this post, I’ll explain the reasons why gardening is a worthwhile hobby for a fulfilled life.

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How To Make Happiness A Habit For Life

While it’s impossible to be happy all the time, it is possible to create a habit of happiness. In this post, we will show you how to make happiness a habit and how to use the power of habit to pursue your goals.

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The 5 Simple Habits of A Good Listener

Someone is talking to us and we’re not really listening. We’re thinking about what we’re going to say next, or how we’re going to respond. Maybe we’re even checking our phone or looking around the room. How can you make changes to become a good listener?

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The Best Hostel In Madrid

Advertisements If you’re thinking of adding Spain’s capital city to your summer travel bucketlist and want to keep your trip within budget, this Madrid hostel will be perfect for you.…

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How To Start A New Habit

Advertisements And it’s not just an excuse… Have you ever had a new goal in mind and thought to yourself “I’ll start on Monday”? Keep reading and I’ll tell you…

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How to Make Money at Home

Advertisements Life is expensive. Whether you’re saving for a deposit on a house, paying off debt, or just eager to earn some extra pocket money to fund your daily Costa…

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