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5 Travel Accesories to Keep Cool in Hot Weather


How do I keep cool in hot weather and heatwaves?

5 must-haves to keep cool in hot weather and heatwaves

Whether you are travelling to a faraway country on a summer holiday, or whether there is a heatwave in your normally tepid-climate country, these tricks will help you to keep cool in hot weather.

For example, the normally chilly U.K. is currently facing a heatwave with temperatures predicted to rise to over 30C. As a nation without air conditioned homes and a population that considers anything above 15C as ‘warm’, 30 degree heat is a recipe for melted Brits.

There is a very valid reason that a siesta is so popular in Spain. A siesta, an afternoon nap usually between the hours of 1pm-3pm, will keep you out of the sun when the sun is at it’s most strong. A town named Ador, near Valencia, are so serious about protecting their siesta that it has been enshrined in law.

But aside from moving to a country with an all-year cold climate, or taking daily afternoon naps, how else can you keep cool and stay safe in the sun?

Read on to see 5 of the best budget buys to keep cool in the heat, rather than spend your summer melting into a puddle.

Spray Away the Heat

In addition to the obvious trick of staying hydrated, this cool gadget will fan you down whilst spraying a refreshing mist of water. Perfect for sticky, sweaty travel journeys (just don’t accidentally spray the person behind you!).

For only £7/$8, it’s an affordable and reusable way to keep cool whilst travelling. You can get it here.

Cooling Gel Pillow

If you’re the type of person who loves flipping over the pillow to the cold side in the middle of the night, you’ll love this gel pillow. This is the perfect travel accessory to help you get a full nights sleep in hotter climates. At under $10, it’s not a bad price to pay for a more-comfortable nights sleep!

You can also use it as a cushion or a mat, so it will come in handy regardless of your method or travel. Brilliant for those sleeper bus journeys where it’s so hot you feel like you will spontaneously combust.

An extra tip is to put the pillow in the fridge or freezer before use for an extra cool down.

You can buy it here.

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Ice Towel

The ice towel will become your best friend whilst travelling. All you need to do is place the towel in cold water for a few seconds before wringing it out. The towel then instantly becomes ice-cold and stays cool for several hours. To reactivate, simply repeat the process, and voila! Ice-cold towel.

The ice towel comes in a handy container so that when it’s time to pack it away your other belongings will not get wet. For under $10 this is another budget travel accessory which should definitely be on your packing list. You can get it here.

Stay Kool Water Bottle

If you’re heading out for the day and want your drink to stay cool, then it’s best to choose a bottle which will keep cool all day long.

This Stay Kool water bottle will keep cool for up to 24 hours, but will also work come winter time and keep your drinks warm for up to 12 hours. It is also wide enough to fit ice cubes in to keep your drink cooler for even longer. Another budget option at under $20.

You can get it here.

Portable Neck Fan

This portable neck fan will make the best travel companion for long journeys. As it has a low noise design you also won’t bug any fellow passengers with a constant whirring noise. It’s also rechargeable via USB charger.

You can get it here.

Stay Safe in the Sun!

Use these 5 travel accessories to keep cool in the heat, but also make sure you take safety precautions in the sun. Sunstroke is not enjoyable!

  • Keep hydrated.
  • Try and stay out of the sun between 1pm and 3pm.
  • Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Suncreen.
  • Wear a sun hat.

Keep safe, stay cool, and enjoy the sun.

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