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If you’re thinking of adding Spain’s capital city to your summer travel bucketlist and want to keep your trip within budget, this Madrid hostel will be perfect for you.

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Photo Credit: Madrid Hostel, The Central House

The Central House Hostel Madrid

They say that New York is the city that never sleeps. To be honest, I think it is reasonable to suggest that Madrid also shares this nocturnal attirbute. After recently visiting over a national holiday weekend, I experienced full-swing what Madrid has to offer. Reader, I was not dissapointed.

It’s true that where you lay your head at night can have a huge impact on the quality of your trip. A hotel room with an ant infestation and stained mattress can (quite literally) put a dampner on the whole vacation. Equally, being able to get a restful nights sleep in an environment where you feel safe and relaxed can positively enhance your trip.

Choosing the right type of accommodation to suit your travel needs can be confusing. In this blog post, I’ll show you the best hostel accomoodation in Madrid if you want comfort, style, relaxation, and affordability.

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It’s often the case that when you’re explaining the concept of a hostel to your non-traveller friends, it’s fair to say they don’t really understand why. They straightaway assume that you’ll be staying in a mouldy old dorm with a broken toilet and no running water. I’m here to show you that the stereotype of hostels being disgusting and dingy is not always true. (Well, at least in this case).


Hostel living makes travel more affordable because you share the facilities with other travellers. I paid €60 (£50 GBP, $64 USD) for 2 nights at The Central House Lavapiés. I felt that €30 per night was good value for money. This was especially true considering I visited during San Isidro, a bank holiday for residents of Madrid.


The Central House Lavapiés is located in the centre of Madrid, the the Lavapiés district of the city. It’s perfectly located for you to explore the city by foot or by public transport.

As you can see from the map above, the hostel is ideally located as it’s walking distance away from many of the main attractions in Madrid. It’s also only a 15 minute walk from the biggest Primark I have ever seen in my life, if fashion is something you’re interested in.

It’s also conveniently located near to El Rastro de Madrid, a popular flea market held on Sundays and national holidays.

The Plaza

Photo Credit: Madrid Hostel, The Central House

As well as having a rooftop bar for guests to use, this Madrid hostel also has a Plaza where you can hang out and relax. There are live music and karaoke nights that take place here, too. The perfect place to grab a drink and unwind after a long day. Or, an even more perfect place to have pre-drinks before an epic night out.

Book HERE for your stay at The Central House Lavapiés

The Dorms

Photo Credit: Madrid Hostel, The Central House

The rooms at this Madrid hostel are really impressive. Each guest has access to a locker, a storage drawer, and an individual compartment under the sink. Privacy is not an issue here. Each bed comes with a curtain which you can pull accross when it’s time for some shut eye; it’s also a blackout fabric so no pesky sunlight waking you up.

There are a variety of room options available, including female only dorms. If you’re not quite ready to entirely immerse yourself in hostel living, private rooms are also available.

The Rooftop Bar and Terrace

Photo Credit: Madrid Hostel, The Central House

Finally, the best bit. The Central House Lavapiés selling point is their rooftop bar and terrace with sunloungers, parasols, and a water area where you can dip your toes. There’s also an adjoining bar where you can buy yourself a Sangria.

This was the perfect spot for me to relax after the chaos of the airport and travelling. It’s also a great place to meet fellow travellers and make some new friends.

Have I convinced you to visit yet? I thought so. Pack your suitcase, book your ticket, and head to this Madrid hostel for an unforgettable (yet affordable) trip.

Book HERE for your stay at The Central House Lavapiés

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