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An Amazing AirBnB on A Private Island in Scotland


Ever wanted to stay on a private island? This AirBnb in Scotland will be perfect for you.

Private Island Airbnb

A rise in ‘staycations‘ in the U.K. due to the COVID-19 pandemic means Brits are holidaying much closer to home nowadays. But holidaying in the U.K. doesn’t mean you need to compromise on adventure, scenery, or sea views. (Unfortunately you may have to compromise on weather, but this AirBnb is worth it. I promise). This cosy AirBnb in Scotland is situated on a private island, and it’s everything you hope it will be.

Scotland is one of my favourite U.K. holiday destinations. Each time I visit it is a little bit more magical than the last. My most recent trip to Scotland saw me staying in a cosy, secluded bothy on a private island. It is unquestionably one of my favourite AirBnb trips to date. I believe everyone should experience the undeniably beautiful scenery that this island has to offer.

Location – Davaar Island

Davaar Island is located just off the coast of Campbeltown in Argyle and Bute. It’s around a 3 hour drive from Glasgow, but don’t let a lengthy car journey put you off! It’s fair to say that driving through country roads in Scotland is an experience unto itself, and personally, it only enhanced my trip further. For this reason, I think it is the perfect excuse to extend your stay and turn your holiday into a Scottish roadtrip.

The island is so secluded that it is only accesible twice a day when the tide is out. To access the island you must meet at a designated parking spot before being trasported over in a 4×4.

Unsurprisingly, there is no Tesco Extra on Davaar Island. Make sure you stock up on groceries before you make the trip across.

“Guests can enjoy the simple pleasures of fresh sea air, beautiful walks and outstanding scenery. Take in uninterrupted views, sunrises and sunsets and also from the various walking trails and lookout points dotted around the Island. Davaar Island is also home to a wealth of wildlife. Otter, dolphins, golden eagles, Peregrine falcons, Minke whale and a wealth of seabirds are all regularly seen off our shores.”

Book your stay on Davaar Island HERE

Accommodation on your very own private island – Barnacle Bothy

Photo credit: AirBnb

Imagine this. You’ve spent the night sleeping in luxuriously comfy double bed. The sheets envelop your body and your face is snuggled deep into the pillows. Birdsong awakens you. You slowly sit up and open your eyes. Then you realise that you can call this place of tranquility home for one more day. You begin to watch the waves of the ocean lapping against the rocks and you start to slowly surface out of bed. Now you head to the kitchen and boil the kettle on the stove, the traditional way.

Could you think of a more relaxing way to start the day?

“Start the day with a spring water shower in the ensuite bathroom then cook a hearty breakfast with our free range eggs in the kitchen area or outside on the open fire pit. After a day exploring the island or the nearby coast you can relax by the fire pit watching the sun set. Alternatively snuggle on the sofa, read a book or birdwatch from the balcony.”

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A Dog Friendly Private AirBnb in Scotland!

As a dog owner I have at times found it difficult to find accommodation on AirBnb which is truly dog-friendly. The host may explicitly state that their property includes a garden, but they forget to mention that dogs are forbidden to go on the grass (what the heck?). However I am happy to report that the Barnacle Bothy was perfect for me and my pup. With an enclosed fence surrounding the bothy, my pup was free to sniff to his hearts content whilst I sat nearby watching the sunset.

The island is home to goats, sheep, and Highland cows. Make sure you keep your dog on a lead around the animals!

Book your stay on Davaar Island HERE

Things to do on Airbnb Scottish Islands

I took my 2 days on Davaar Island as a chance to completely unwind and reconnect with the world around me. So often we become consumed with what is directly in front of us (a screen, usually) that we forget the beauty that lies just outside of our daily routine.

“Guests can roam freely across the whole Island and explore a network of stunning trails, caves, summits, rocky coastline and an abundance of wildlife. We recommend walking boots and/or wellies. There are beautiful walks on and around the island and the mainland too… all made easier by a sturdy pair of boots!”

I hiked up to the top of the island, spent time birdwatching through binoculars, toasted marshmallows on the campfire, and wrapped up warm and stargazed.

It is completely up to you how you decide to spend your time. Perhaps you will pack 5 books in your suitcase and spend your time reading. Or perhaps you will explore the many different routes up to the top of the island. In conclusion, no matter how you choose to spend your time, I guarantee that this AirBnb in Scotland will be one of the most magical places you ever visit.

Book your stay on Davaar Island HERE

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